One of the most important aspects of maintaining the beauty of a piece of jewelry over its lifetime is the amount of care put into its preservation. Depending on the material used to craft your ring, it is a good idea to not wear it while performing any strenuous work - including exercising, working on your home or any other heavy labor; blows to the ring may bend its prongs, the ring itself and could even chip your diamond or gemstones.

Although diamond is known as the hardest material on earth, it still runs the risk of being chipped:  a hard blow to the girdle (its middle) or culet (the pointy bottom) may damage it. Aside from this, however, diamond is essentially indestructible. Additionally, its not a good idea to wear your ring while sleeping - due to the prongs potentially catching on the bedding fibers and either tearing the bedding or pulling off a prong.

To ensure the longevity of your jewels, it's best to store it in a jewelry box or an enclosed area where there are no other metals, as this could scratch your item or wear down the metal and its prongs.

To keep your jewelry looking its best avoid using lotions, perfumes and harsh chemicals like bleach or chlorine while wearing your jewelry. To clean your jewelry at home you can use a solution of warm water, amonia and Dawn dish soap. Allow the jewelry to soak for several minutes. Make sure the drain stopper is in the sink and rinse well with warm water. Its not safe to clean all jewelry in this manner. Please check with us before doing so.

Pearls should be wiped with a soft dry cloth after each use and be stored in a soft pouch or box. We have clothes available for this purpose.


If you are planning on insuring your jewelry we can do an appraisal for it. An appraisal for insurance purposes is a detailed description and current replacement value determining the worth of the item in today's market (which fluctuates depending on the given price of gold/gemstones and labor). It is advised that you update your appraisal every few years. If insurance requires a GG (Graduate Gemologist) to do the appraisal we can recommend one for you.


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